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2010-09-06 18:22:22 by SACIEL

Finally uploaded some of my awsome FL9 stuff, enjoy!

new recorder!

2010-08-25 00:11:38 by SACIEL

Deciding on new recorder, whether it be software or out of box. 16 bit is dead to me none the less!


2010-01-24 18:05:29 by SACIEL

I put music up!! Saciel do good?

Takes them a week to accept my stuff..........sad face

Battle of Z Bands!!!!!!!

2010-01-14 15:54:43 by SACIEL

Im getting everyone ready for "The Battle" in Early April. Its at Battlefield High if your curious. But whats the point scince im the only one who reads this. :(................

new stuff

2009-09-17 20:49:39 by SACIEL

I am almost done with my instrumental acoustic-like album and hope to get up by early October!!

Name change

2009-09-14 22:15:10 by SACIEL

#2 from now on, will be called Mortality, And expect some really awsome shit coming your way soon ;)


2009-09-10 20:51:50 by SACIEL

I finally decided to make a newgrounds account. Im also working on Dark(unheard yet) lyrics, and am almost done with Number 2 (music wise)! I hope to have Dark posted within the month!